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Company Philosophy

Wanda Corporate Culture

1 . Ideological Structure

This includes core ideas, core philosophy, core values and company vision.

2 . Institutional Structure

This includes annual plan, year-end summary, budget and trainings with evaluation.

3 . Organizational Structure

Wanda established its Corporate Culture Department more than ten years ago, beginning with issuing a monthly digest and a Wanda story. All other divisions such as projects, business management, department stores and cinemas also have their own separate newsletter and website. Wanda appoints one employee from each division as designated Cultural Liaison.

Main Characteristics

1 . Dare to Innovate

Having the courage to innovate and spawn new ideas is the primary component of Wanda's unique corporate culture. Wanda's history is filled with innovation, as well as a willingness to try and think big.

2 . Commitment to Integrity

A strong commitment to integrity has been a key part of Wanda's culture since its inception.

3 . Taking the Lead in Sustainable Development

Wanda Group is one of China's pioneer advocates of sustainable building construction, harboring a strong commitment to promoting green building in many of its projects.

4 . Valuing Employees

Wanda recognizes human capital has the company's core asset. We currently employ 80,000 people, our middle management team has an average age of 36 and all possess a Bachelor’s degree, with over half holding a Masters or Doctorate. Our senior executives have an average age of 40, with over 70% holding Masters Degrees. Wanda Group's staff turnover rate is among the lowest for large corporations in China. Excellent long-term growth prospects, wide ranging career platform, strong interpersonal relationships, as well as a unique corporate culture are just some of the things that keep us functioning cohesively.

5 . Keen Focus on Philanthropy

Creating wealth and giving back to the community is Wanda's corporate mission. For 25 years, Wanda Group has donated over 3.1 billion yuan to various charitable causes and is recognized as China's largest private charitable donor. Wanda has been awarded the China Charity Award 7 times, more than any other company in China.

6 . Commitment to Excellence

Wanda is ambitious in its vision, demanding only the highest workplace standards, and striving to create masterpiece with each and every one of its projects

7 . Strong Execution

Wanda does what it says, is a calculated decision maker and understands the balance between penalty and reward.

8 . Keeping Tradition Alive

Wanda pays particular importance to keeping traditional Chinese culture alive in its business.

Cultural Message Carriers

Wanda has ten means of broadcasting their cultural message:

1 . Our website and monthly magazine form the backbone to disseminate our corporate message

2 . A "Wanda Stories" collection is issued once a year

3 . Each employee is required to read one book recommended by Wanda per year

4 . Companywide speech contest is staged every year

5 . An employees’ talent show every year

6 . Each employee is required to participate in community service at least once a year

7 . We organize an employee sports day every year

8 . Travel to one of China's harshest and poorest regions once a year

9 . Send outstanding employees on all expenses paid vacations every year

10 . Organize year end companywide celebration